In re Cobb EMC Class Action, Case No. 10:100353-48,
Superior Court of Cobb County, State of Georgia

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The Fifth Wave Distribution occurred on March 18, 2015. This distribution consisted primarily of all non-deficient Individual, Deceased Member, and both still-existing and non-existing Organizational claims which were filed by the Court ordered August 11, 2014 late filing deadline but not included in the First, Second, Third, or Fourth Wave Distributions. The distribution also included any additional associated claims for claimants already paid in the First, Second, Third, or Fourth Wave Distributions.

To date, payments have been made to those Individual, Deceased Member, and Organizational claims that were non-deficient and submitted by the Court ordered August 11, 2014 late filing deadline. If you have not received payment, it may be due to the fact that your claim was not timely submitted, is in some way deficient or requires further review of the documentation provided in support of your claim. If your claim is deficient, you will be receiving a letter explaining the deficiency and how you may cure it.

For an Online Review of Claim Payment, please sign in with the claim number and check number provided on the check you received by mail.

A Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit involving current and former members of Cobb Electric Membership Corporation (“Cobb EMC”). The Settlement will resolve the lawsuit that alleges that Cobb EMC’s prior board and management failed to retire capital credits of former and current members.

The class includes any individual or entity that was a member of Cobb EMC prior to December 31, 2012 (if the member is deceased, that individual’s estate, heirs or beneficiaries may be entitled to payment).

The Settlement establishes a cash fund of up to $98 million for the benefit of Settlement Class Members, including attorneys’ fees and expenses of litigation, in exchange for a release by the Settlement Class of the claims described above and other related claims. All Settlement Class Members will be entitled to receive: (1) an immediate cash payment, without any discount, for the capital credits allocated to them through the first half of 1988 (as specified in the Stipulation of Settlement and for all years not already paid); and (2) the specified capital credits allocated to them from the second half of 1988 up through December 31, 2012, either in a one-time payment discounted to present value (utilizing a 12% discount rate), or paid out over 24.6 years without discount.

The Settlement is explained in detail in the Full Notice and in the Stipulation of Settlement.

To receive payment, you must submit a valid Claim Form: by fax to 1-866-582-3747, or by mail to:

Cobb EMC Class Action Settlement
c/o GCG
PO Box 10020
Dublin, Ohio 43017-6620

The Final Approval Hearing was held on February 25, 2014 at which time the Court approved the Settlement. For a copy of the Final Approval Order Click Here.

The deadline for filing claims has passed and the online filing system has been shut down. You may still file a claim by downloading a Claim Form and submitting the completed Claim Form by fax to 1-866-582-3747, or by mail to: Cobb EMC Class Action Settlement, c/o GCG, PO Box 10020, Dublin, Ohio 6620. However, any claims submitted are subject to approval by Counsel for Plaintiffs.

For more information, please call the Claims Administrator at 1-888-292-8850.
Please do not contact the Court for information about this Settlement.

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